Why Study in India?

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India has always been one of the popular education destinations for the Nepalese students. Primarily, because of easy thorough fare across the borders and also due to the booming technology, economic development and educational & intellectual advancement, more and more Nepalese students are opting to study in India. India has started investing huge amount on researches and emphasizes an educated workforce with a commitment to lifelong learning. Business, Sciences, Technology, Archaeology, Mathematics, etc. are the areas India has been producing great achievers.

There are many similarities between India and Nepal in terms of culture, tradition, language, living and social attachment. This greatly helps the students to get acquainted easily in a completely new environment away from their home. Private colleges are investing huge amount on the state-of-the art infrastructure development. Students get international class facilities in such institutions comparatively at highly affordable cost than other countries of the world.

India’s educational system is as encompassing and as diverse as its history, making studying in India unlike anywhere else. India is the home of the world’s largest university by enrolment, Indira Gandhi National Open University, with 3.5 million students. India’s higher education system has 575 university-level institutions, including:

  • 42 central universities, which are controlled by National Department of Higher Education.
  • 243 state universities, which are run by state governments
  • 130 deemed universities, which are autonomously run
  • 53 private universities
  • 33 institutes of national importance, which are deemed to be of special importance and typically focus on science and technology

Additionally, over 30,000 colleges operate throughout India, offering more specialized instruction, often in technical fields like engineering. With all these options, Nepalese students in India can find a program to suit them no matter what their interests.

The Indian Government’s Department of Higher Education offers more information on specific universities in India and the higher education system.

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